• Lodging

    Accomodation ranging from 5-star hotels to a camping spot in the bush - and anything in between - is available to fit everyone's needs and budget.

    Whether you want to go and relax on the beach,  go game-spotting in one of the many game reserves, get to know traditional African cultures or look for opportunities to head off the beaten tracks, we can find the accomodation you are looking for : from exclusive five-star hotels to modest city guesthouses, efficient motorway motels to cozy country inns, from rustic rondavels or thatched huts to farmhouses offering bed and breakfast. For the budget or outdoor loving traveller there are camping sites and backpacker hostels. 

    Let us know what your ideal holiday is so that we can tailor make it to your exact specifications in any of the following countries. 

    South Africa


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  • Activities

    Is your main interest the fascinating nature - mountain or beach scenery - or the African wildlife and fauna or … are you looking for special cultural encounters ? 

    Would you like a rewarding and relaxing holiday with 5-star treatment or are you more adventurous and is a camping safari more appealing ? Are you searching for a special challenge : diving, climbing, hiking, a self-drive discovery tour in the desert or ….. ? 
    Are you looking for a honeymoon destination or a family holiday ?  Do you only have time for a 10 day visit or can you spend 3 weeks or more travelling around ?
    Let us know so we can come up with a program made specifically for you ! 

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  • About Us

    Welcome to Travel.Bee - I am Marylin and together with one of my sons, Jayson, the 2 of us would like to introduce you to Southern Africa !!

    After I finished my studies I left Belgium to go and work for 3 years in Mozambique but .... 15 years and 3 kids later I was still living in Southern Africa, in Swaziland, another amazing country in the southern tip of Africa !
    We had the opportunity to travel in/around Southern Africa : to South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, the south of Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Lesotho,.. and enjoyed these countries so much we kept going back on discovery trips as often as possible.

    As such we got to know the most interesting people and exciting places and would like to share these special adventures and thrilling experiences with you !
    The pictures you see on this site have been taken by people travelling with us, by friends and by ourselves (very much amateur photographers :) )  - and were mostly taken with small digital cameras -   but give you already a bit of an idea of what to expect when touring in Southern Africa. 
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